Long-lasting perfumes - how to spray perfume correctly?


High-quality and long-lasting perfumes are like a business card - they can define a person's personality and influence their first impression.
Small tricks can help or completely ruin the aroma of even the most popular perfumes. That is why the art of breathing should become a habit for each of us.

Long-lasting perfumes and their etiquette

In addition to the many rules of etiquette, there are also those exclusively related to perfumes. The most important thing is that there cannot be too much perfume, and it is said that the aroma should be felt at arm's length. Hence, a long-lasting fragrance trail can mean poor taste. Even if very bright, oriental fragrances are chosen, they cannot be felt too intensely.

Long-lasting perfumes are characterized by their aroma being revealed gradually, so one bottle can be enough during the day, regardless of the planned activities.

However, it is recommended to choose unique perfumes for special occasions: they can have a much more intense aroma - niche perfumes are often selected for this purpose.

Etiquette experts also advise choosing perfumes according to the seasons. It is worth picking fresher, lighter fragrances for the warm season and heavier, more intense aromas for the cold season.
However, all of them must be of high quality and high concentration.

The rule of etiquette that is most often broken is that you can only smell at home. It is almost customary to carry perfume in your handbag and use it only when necessary. However, avoiding spraying perfume in public places with many people is recommended, and a car or a bathroom is much more suitable for this.

How to spray perfume correctly?

Long-lasting perfumes also depend on the place where they are sprayed. Where to spray perfume?
Tips on how to spray perfume correctly usually relate to where the fragrance is sprayed. Interestingly, the main places where it is recommended to scent differ for men and women.

Men are advised to spray perfume near the lower jaw, in the neck area, and in the shoulder area is no less important. For women, spraying the perfume behind the ears and on the neck and chest is recommended. Exclusively for women, it is recommended to scent the areas of the calves and ankles.

The perfume is perfectly revealed in the "pulsating" areas where the hottest points are felt. Therefore, men and women should remember to perfume their forearms and inner elbows.

The most important thing to remember is that perfume cannot be rubbed into the skin - a mist is enough. When smelling, the perfume bottle should be kept approximately 10-15 centimeters away from the skin. It is also recommended to spray perfume on dry but warm skin.

The perfume stays on the hair for the longest time, but you can spray it with it occasionally - otherwise, the hair is at risk of drying out.


Spray perfume on skin or clothes?

One of the main questions is whether it is worth scenting clothes. The truth is that perfumes are created according to different compositions revealed gradually in contact with the skin: it depends on the fragrance's notes and the skin type itself.

Perfume on clothes can smell completely different. Although it's not necessary to scent your clothes, a scented style accessory like a scarf can liven up your look.

Using a matching perfume, you can spray the clothes with a different fragrance than the skin. But this should be done carefully - there is nothing worse than an unpleasant combination of aromas that irritates the nose even a few meters away.

The ideal way to perfume your clothes is to carry them through a perfume cloud rather than spray them directly onto the fabric. Using perfume on the most natural materials is recommended because the smell becomes more real.

Perfume concentration - what do you need to know?

Long-lasting perfumes depend not only on their price - perfume concentration is much more important. Pure fragrances are marked with the letters PP (Pure Parfum). These letters mean that the perfume concentration can reach up to 40 percent. Such a smell is very intense, so the bottles usually do not even have a spray, so there are not too many of them. Pure perfume can last up to 20 hours.

Eau de Parfum is marked with EDP and contains up to about 20 percent of aromatic compounds. They can stay on the skin for about 10 hours, and it is one of the most popular perfumes in the world.

Much lower concentrations are the so-called Eau de Toilette, abbreviated as EDT. The price of Eau de Toilette is much lower than the actual perfume, but the scent's concentration reaches only 10 percent and lasts up to 6 hours.

The lowest concentration is in the body mist - it reaches only 3 percent, so it is clearly felt on the skin for only a few hours. After that, the smell seems to disappear completely.

That is why it is necessary to evaluate what kind of effect you expect from the perfume. If you want the fragrance to last for a very long time, Eau de Toilette or body mist will definitely not live up to your expectations.

How to spray perfume correctly if the fragrance is not new?

The truth is that perfumes also have an expiration date, usually lasting as long as three to five years, so an opened perfume bottle can last a long time if properly stored.

If the perfume is not used for a long time, it is advised to keep it away from direct sunlight. The best way to keep them longer is to refrigerate them.

Not new perfumes can also be renewed by adding new fragrance notes. If the scents are similar, the additional aroma can revitalize and renew a slightly tired perfume.

However, perfumers unanimously say: if you find the right scent, it will accompany you for a lifetime. And a properly scented, chosen aroma will become one of the leading style details.